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Aneurysm Clips

The Colour coding of our Aneurysm Clips allows an easy and safe identification of the permanent (blue or pink coloured) and temporary (gold coloured) clips. Labels showing the part number and serial number, asure a clear identification of each clip. Additional labels can be attached to the patients records. Each Clip is marked with an individual Serial number. The laser welded link ensures the precise guidance of the jaws and a “soft” opening of the clip during the whole spreading process. The contact surfaces of the jaws are guided symmetrically in an exact way “over the whole length”. This fact guarantees an additional stability of the clip. The link design limits the maximum opening and prevents an overstress of the material.

ORLOS 3.0 Small Fragment

The ORLOS 3.0 Locking Plate System of the company Ortho-Medical GmbH (OM) is a multi directional and angle stable implant system for small fragments based on the internal fixateur principle. The ORLOS3.0 system is designed to treat diaphyseal, metaphyseal as well as intra-articular (epiphyseal) fractures of small bones. All OM products result out of a joint development of experienced clinicians and our engineers. This successful cooperation results in providing products to meet the anatomical and functional requirements of the respective sites due to their pre-contoured and low-profile design and to provide an almost unrestricted operative treatment ranging from simple to comminuted fractures.